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Keep your commercial property in pristine condition with The Local Bloke’s lawn care services. Utilising more than 15 years of industry experience, we mow, repair, restore and install all kinds of turf throughout Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and the Lower Hunter Valley.

Our team can organise bi-weekly, monthly or seasonal programs to help maintain and care for your commercial property, giving your business a professional presentation when customers arrive.

We also provide a complete service for real estate agents, along with mowing, fertilising, turf repairs, weeding and all general yard maintenance for individual properties, unit blocks, duplexes and complexes in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and the Lower Hunter Valley.

Contact The Local Bloke for regular lawn care on your commercial or real estate property.

Commercial Lawn Care
Lawn Care - Lawn care Newcastle in Boolaroo, NSW


At The Local Bloke, we offer an affordable residential lawn care service designed to keep your property looking at its best.

There are a number of steps in making sure your grass is in peak condition, including:

Regular mowing and fertilising will help your grass grow. Mowing allows roots to absorb water easier, while also reducing thatch growth and  reventing the spread of weeds. Fertilising provides extra nutrients to your lawn, helping it grow strong and fighting against weed growth.

While water is important for your yard, overwatering will damage your turf and prevent roots from getting the oxygen they need to survive.

Compaction is when a well-worn patch of grass, one you may walk or drive over every day, is gradually pushed down and compacted until it eventually gets sick or dies. The Local Bloke makes use of specialised equipment to aerate your yard to get it breathing and growing again.

All lawns will have a natural thatch layer, it helps keep them healthy and allows you to walk, run and play on the grass without it dying. However, over time it builds up and starts to have the opposite effect. Our team cuts back overgrown thatch layers by using vertimow techniques and equipment to tear up the thatch layer, therefore giving your grass a chance to regrow and become healthy once again.

For affordable residential lawn care throughout Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and the Lower Hunter Valley, contact The Local Bloke today.

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